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Hi, I’m Ashley with L&M Lighting, and we have been lighting up your life in southwest Florida for over 30 years! We sell various types of incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, and LED lights. Such as: flood lights, troffer lights, wall packs, UFO High Bay, Canopy fixtures, Street Lights, and Panel lights which are more environmentally friendly than traditional incandescent & fluorescent bulbs. Our lights last longer and are more affordable.

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we have been lighting up your life in southwest Florida for over 30 years!

Lighting Up Your Life in Southwest Florida for Over 30 years Providing services to Home owners, gated communities, and property management companies. Some more information We sell various types of:




LED lights


Our Services

L&M Lighting has been in the industry of lighting services for the last 30 years, and the company has set a new standard of performance-driven and innovative lighting solution for a wide range of fields. We are fully capable of upgrading lighting systems and solving relevant problems for our clients. We have a team of experts who are capable of evaluating the need for effective lighting systems to maximize efficiency and lower the expenses. We are committed to providing quality services to our esteemed customers to fulfill their lighting and electrical maintenance needs. 


Lighting System Evaluation

We are ready to provide you with all kinds of lighting solutions including LED lighting in Naples. Our products and services are designed to serve homeowners, gated communities, property management companies, and many others. Our professional electricians can install new lights and replace the older ones with the new set of lighting. Our products are excellent for both indoor and outdoor luminaries. We can also design and provide products for dynamic lighting, street lighting, UFO High Bay. We sell floodlights, troffer lights, wall packs, canopy fixtures, panel lights, security lighting and many more.

On-Demand Service

Our professional electricians are always ready to serve you for your various needs. We can provide both products and services for your interior and exterior lighting solutions. Out experts are available for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and you can also enjoy on-call service from us.

Outdoor Lighting Solution

Here at L&M Lighting, we have both equipment and expertise to work in heights. Our certified technicians can finish their work safely no matter how unfavorable the condition is. We can provide you with a range of lighting systems for outstood lighting solutions.

Lighting System Upgrade

You can think about upgrading the entire lighting system of your home or office at any time, as we are here to help you with your all lighting requirements in Naples including LED lighting. We can rebuild your existing lighting system and install the latest and energy-efficient lighting components.

LED Lighting Upgrade

Our sole objective is to deliver highly satisfactory lighting solutions to our customers. We always use fully tested, energy efficient, reliable and cost-effective lighting products. We deliver the products and services to provide your LED lighting upgrade solution.


L&M Lighting provides you cost-effective electrical services. We have all the equipment needed to deliver satisfactory troubleshooting services. Our executives are ready to respond to your calls and take immediate action on your demand.

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